Premier Private Club Events

For over 10 years, our “Love the Pearls!” event teams have delighted members of this nation’s finest exclusive and private clubs with our entertaining, informative and fun programs.

Please see below to learn how you can host a "Love the Pearls!" event at your club.

No other luncheon event excites our ladies like your "Love the Pearls!" program.
- Pinehurst Country Club


Host a "Love the Pearls" Event!

While the attendees enjoy your club-provided food and beverages, our "Love the Pearls!" expert speaker will entertain your members with an informative and fun presentation at no cost to your club.

Our "Love the Pearls" team will provide pearl jewelry prizes for drawings and will give every attendee a complimentary pair of pearl stud earrings.

All attendees will have an opportunity to peruse a gallery of the latest "Love the Pearls" new trends and well-loved classic designs direct from the producer.

Our "Love the Pearls!" team will make it easy on you . . . and will provide you with promotional and creative support in advance to ensure your event is a success.

Please contact us when you are ready to host a "Love the Pearls!" event at your club.

To see why hundreds of the finest clubs nationwide consider our “Love the Pearls!” program to be their most popular event year after year and why we are invited back again and again, please view the video below.