Pearl Care

Lasting Beauty

Always put on your pearls after hairspray, perfume and make-up have had time to settle. The chemicals in these products may also dull your pearls’ appearance by harming the outer layers of nacre. Similarly, remove pearls before exercising or coming in contact with any chemicals.


Pearls are organic gems and may be damaged by jewelry cleaners that contain ammonia and other chemicals. To clean, simply rub with a soft non-abrasive dry or slightly damp cloth to remove any dirt, perspiration, or body oil. If further cleaning is required, use a mild non-detergent liquid soap, such as Ivory, laying them flat and allowing them ample time to dry. In addition, to avoid dehydration (pearls are comprised of 2-4% water) your pearls should not be stored in a hot, dry, bright or sealed place for extended periods of time.

When storing your pearls, place each piece separately in a soft pouch or drawstring bag, linen handkerchief, or otherwise separate your pearls in a lined jewelry box to avoid contact with other jewelry.

Love The Pearls uses the highest quality silk strands and quality double knotting for an extra long lifetime. However, after several years your pearls may require restringing. For best results, identify a jeweler who is familiar with stringing pearls to perform this task.