Our Programs

Our programs are very popular with club members and their guests.  We have several different presentations in our guest speaker series.  The first program we present at new clubs is entitled "The Wonderful World of Pearls."  When invited back to clubs year after year, we present several different programs like "Chanel and Her Love of Pearls" and "Pearls Are Always in Style."

"Love The Pearls!" events are always entertaining, informative and fun covering the past, present and future of the pearl, the world’s oldest gem.  We also cover pearl production, quality, color, shape, type, origin, style and care.

We love pairing with ladies luncheons or cocktail parties.  Our events stand alone and it’s all about the pearls.

“Love The Pearls" delivers our most popular ladies event each year. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day at your club – shopping for quality pearls – priced exclusively for you, sharing a delectable lunch with friends and listening to an inspiring presentation on the wonderful world of pearls.”

- Cherokee Town & Country Club, Atlanta, GA