Our Business

No Middle Men – Original Designs

Have you ever wondered how an exporter, importer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer could all stay in business selling pearls? 

Considering retailers usually mark up the product multiple times, it’s not hard to figure out why pearl jewelry can get so expensive.

middle man

Of course our business is about more than just eliminating the middleman.  We’re dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality pearl jewelry with original designs. 

A fun and comfortable shopping experience!

We pride ourselves on providing a fun and comfortable shopping experience, with exclusive designs, great selections, and professional stewardship from our associates. 

A Proven System

We’ve proven this formula with every repeat Love The Pearls event.

New Designs Every Year

Love The Pearls introduces new designs 3 times a year, which is another reason members can look forward attending your next Love The Pearls event!